Crochet For Men: 5 Awesome Free Crochet Scarf Patterns

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The weather can get particularly cold during Christmas and in the following months which is why a crochet scarf is the ultimate crochet gift idea. It is fun to wear and easy to make. Since there are only a few stitches, you do not have to worry about messing up. And, even if you do mess up, it would not show. Normally, a crochet scarf is anywhere around 50 and 60 inches in length. You can also add buttons to it o give it a special touch. There are plenty of stylish crochet scarves out there. They will help provide you some inspiration.

Free Crochet Scarf Patterns

1. Fast Crochet Scarf

Via Passionate Crafter

Get the free pattern: Fast Crochet Scarf via Passionate Crafter

2. Free Crochet Scarf Pattern For Beginners

Via Truly Crochet

Get the free pattern: Crochet Scarf Pattern For Beginners via Truly Crochet

3. Warm Crochet Scarf Pattern

Via ‘Ohana Boutique

Get the free pattern: Warm Crochet Scarf Pattern via ‘Ohana Boutique

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4. Unique Crochet Scarf Pattern

Via Kirsten Bishop

Get the free pattern: Unique Crochet Scarf Pattern via Kirsten Bishop.

5. Crochet Scarf Pattern For Men

Via Kirsten Holloway Designs

Get the free pattern: Crochet Scarf Pattern For Men via Kirsten Holloway Designs.

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